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Internet Sharing SSID appears even if turned off


Internet Sharing SSID appears even if turned off

I recently installed 2216.14.11.2 finally on my ATIV S Neo. That installation is working out so far, even though some old problems with WiFi have continued on.

More interesting, however, is my phone is broadcasting a WiFi SSD that my desktop PC and notebook PC picks up. When I turn the phone off, the SSID disappears from view. This is happening regardless of whether Internet Sharing is turned on or off, or whether it shares via WiFi or Bluetooth.

I don't currently have Sharing enabled in my account. While there is a network key set up (some random password pre-generated I think), I'd rather not see this thing broadcasting. Is there a proper way to turn this SSID off?


Re: Internet Sharing SSID appears even if turned off


Apologies about what you have been going through.

To enable/disable the SSID setting in your device you will go to: SETTINGS>> INTERNET SHARING>> SHARING.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. I'm here to help.



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