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My ATIV S Neo Holster Solution


My ATIV S Neo Holster Solution

I have a long and storied history of buying new electronic gizmos as soon as they're released and that means I've experienced the frustration of owning phones before (often long before) any device-specific accessories are available for them. I've also suffered the dissatisfaction typically associated with using generic accessories and accessories actually designed for other devices.

And so it is with my new ATIV S Neo, although I knew just what to do as far as a holster is concerned. Make one:

Belt side with phone bottomed in the holster


Exposed side with phone partially pulled out:


I've made one of these holsters for every phone I've owned since my Treo 300. I've made horizontal, vertical, and angled-carry versions with & without flaps and I've tried to correct anything I didn't like about the old versions when I lay out a new one. This one is actually a scaled up copy of the one I made for my Galaxy S3 because there wasn't anything about it that I didn't like. It's made out of vegetable-tanned leather which I harden with hot water as a final step, and these things are close to bulletproof. I work in the industrial maintenance trades and I'm tough on things which hang from my belt, but these cases have protected all my phones perfectly and the scuffs and dents in the leather give the holsters character. When they really start to look ugly I just hit them with some shoe polish and buff 'em and they're good to go for another couple months.

In case you don't recognize it, the case on the phone is one of the Body Glove Drop Suit cases that Sprint sells -for- the ATIV S Neo. I prefer hard skin-style cases which don't add bulk, but there isn't anything like that available for these phones yet and I hate carrying a naked phone because of the rugged nature of my lifestyle. So I ordered the Drop Suit with my phone to use as a temporary case until something better works it's way into the supply pipeline, but as it turns out I actually like the Drop Suit. It adds some bulk to the phone, but not nearly as much as I expected and the added bulk actually complements my big mechanic's hands. Despite what I thought when I ordered it, the case is acceptable enough that it's no longer a done-deal that I'll replace it.

As a final note, I always seem to get requests for my cases when I post photos of them, but I'm not in the case business. They're hand made custom pieces that I make for myself and while I don't reject orders offhand I do try my best to discourage 'em with outrageous prices.


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