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Network question: Already obsolete device?


Network question: Already obsolete device?

Hi all.

Lately I've been reading about Sprint's new network implementation coming about called LTE2 or "Spark." If Sprint is developing or deploying a new LTE type of network, where does the Ativ S Neo fall in all of that? Did I just buy a device that won't see the latest network capabilities?

It's just a theoretical question. There is not nor will there be anytime soon 4G or LTE Sprint in my area anyway. I wish I would've known sooner that the 3G data here is so unreliable. I always have full bars or sometimes four of five, but whenever I go to use data, sometimes it works, sometimes it will not regardless of the indicator or my personal location. All that aside, its depressing to think Spark or whatever this new network tech is supposed to be wouldn't be supported on a device that hasn't been on the market for all of, what, two months? Curiosity, that's all Smiley Happy


Re: Network question: Already obsolete device?


I understand why you would be concerned and at some point all technology at some point may  become obselete. To know  about how  the network will function check out .


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