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Other Storage


Other Storage

Let me start out that I love my new Neo and pretty much everything with it has been great.  I can't believe I stuck with my Arrive for so long holding out, but this was worth it.

On to my question, is anyone else having a large amount of storage loss from the Other Storage.  I know that this has been an issue with Windows Phone, but I thought that the GDR2 update was supposed to address most of it.  I checked and according to the build number, my phone should have the GDR2 update.

I'm currently sitting at 5.40 GB of other.  Add in the 2.06 of system and my 16GB phone just went down to an 8 (Good thing I have the 32 GB SD for music and video).  I've got 5.33 GB of apps and I went back and deleted the ones that I thought would be the culprits.  OneNote, Evernote, DropBox, Box, SkyDrive, Flickr, and so on.  All to avail with only a .3 GB dent with all of them removed and my email all but zeroed out.

Is anybody else running into this or have any suggested apps that might be leading to this larger than normal cache of memory?  And I have tried the 2 or 3 apps that are supposed to help with "freeing" up the space with very little return.  They pretty much freed up the space that was already free.


Re: Other Storage

I've noticed mine fluctuate actually. GDR2 actually did improve it. Most of what you're seeing is temporary files but it still seems a bit excessive. According to MS, it will clear most of Other out when it hits a point of being "full"... whatever that means. Mine was at maybe 500mb, and it was up to 1GB, now it's down to about 800MB.


Re: Other Storage

The_Coach817 -

Thank you for the post. That is a great question. Microsoft is aware of the situation and they are working on a patch to fix this issue. Unfortunately, I have not heard of a workaround or app that will help at this time but I will keep an eye out for you. I am sorry.

- *Kitty

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