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Samsung ATIV S Neo: Windows Phone 8 does Pod-casts the right way

Sprint Product Ambassador


With my obsession with listening to tech news podcasts I couldn't be happier with the integrated podcast solution Windows Phone 8 brings built in. I listen anywhere between 4-8 pod-casts a week. From the Windows Phone Store you can search or discover podcasts that interest you. from there once you find one or several you like, you can have your phone automatically download them when available to listen at any time. You can also set the limit of podcasts the app will automatically download. I have the two newest available at all times. The app will automatically delete old podcasts when a new one comes in.  Below I will show how great and easy Windows Phone 8 makes this.

1. Select the store icon


2. From here you select the "podcasts"


3. Scroll from left to right from here to find you podcasts.


4. Now Select Music + Videos


5.  This will show all the Podcasts that you subscribe too.


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