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Status Icons

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Status Icons

What is the icon that looks like the Target store logo?  It's the dot with the circle around it.  Does it mean GPS is on?  Sometimes I see it on the screen at the top between the wifi and battery icons.

Here are other status icons, but it is not listed here...

Samsung ATIV S Neo User Guide


Re: Status Icons


Thanks for reaching out. I have looked into the icons for you. Not sure exactly which one you are talking about. Check this link out and let me know if the icon you are talking about is not on this list.


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Re: Status Icons

No.  The icon I see is not on there.  The icon I am talking about is sometimes seen just to the left of the battery icon.  It look just like the Target store logo.  A colored in circle with a circle line around it.  Like a bullseye.


Re: Status Icons

I answered my own question....

Found the answer on

The dot in a circle icon is the GPS indicator icon.

See link...

Tip: What is the dot in a circle icon on my Windows Phone? | Windows Phone Central

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