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Android Pie for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5


Android Pie for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5

Latest news on this was that our Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5's were to receive the Android Pie update by end of Q2/2019 .. well, we're past that now and nothing !!! I'm having the same issue regarding the lies about the LG ThinQ V40 .. which also was to receive by end of Q2/2019 .. and like always, NOTHING.


Now my rant part ...


Sprint - I came to you from Verizon because your prices were blew them out of the water, but, I'm really beginning to seriously think this was a huge mistake. Service in my area is near to nothing, hit and miss on getting any sort of LTE data connectivity and when you do, slow as molasses ! VoLTE !! really Sprint .. I have the Note 9 .. not an option !!! My other phones (LG V40's), it is an option, but again, signal sucks (and I live in a major city). Headlines everywhere with information regarding the updates of devices to Android Pie - ALL saying, by end of Q2/2019 .. my LG V40's, my Tab A .. and again, NOTHING, and here we are in Q3 and NOT one word from Sprint explaining WHAT IS GOING ON - WHAT THE DELAY IS - WHEN CAN WE EXPECT - NOTHING.


Hi MGoodlace! Will you let me know what is the latest software update that you have received for both devices? Meanwhile I do some more research as far as the PIE updates for both devices. 


Will you please provide two cross streets and a zip code in your area where you are experiencing service issues so that I can look into the coverage?




For the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 .. T597PVPS1ASD1 with April 1, 2019 Security Patch !!

For the LG ThinQ V40 .. For the longest, was on March 1, 2019 .. as we were expecting Android Pie to be released .. about a week ago, received an update on the V40, only to find out it it was a small security patch !


As for the service level .. I'm off Stearns Road and i480 in the 44138 area.


I went to the LG website and the latest Software Version Update that they had V405QA20a Android P OS Upgrade





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@RedCruzr_Sprint - that article is regarding the release of Pie, yes .. and the version that should (or maybe) received. It has NOT been released by Sprint .. Verizon, AT&T and T-Mo already have released .. just not Sprint.


If you head over to the LG thread of this community, you would have seen/known that !


So.. what about the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 release of Pie ??


I hear MGoodlace. Waiting for the newest update can be nerve racking. At this time, I see that a new update was suppose to be launched  on 5/3/2019. Here's a link to stay up to date on updates,


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