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Any idea how to connect Instinct HD to computer?


Any idea how to connect Instinct HD to computer?

I have been looking through the forums all morning and cannot find anything on connecting an Instict HD to a computer.  I have the latest build of the "great" sprint media manager, but it cannot detect my phone.  Yes, the phone has latest update, yes USB works (ipod has no problem syncing), yes, memory card is in.  I just want to know if there is anyway to connect the HD to a computer (vista 32).  Otherwise this phone is going in the trash because even the "great " HD camera takes pictures worse than a $20 kids camera (just needed to vent).


Re: Any idea how to connect Instinct HD to computer?

This is a problem with brother's computer wouldn't read my HD or even his Pre ( couldn't even locate the drivers online )

The computer should read your phone no problem and should install the drivers automatically....least it did on my xp and windows 7 computer.

Make sure your vista is up-to-date on updates, and try again...

maybe power off the computer, then hook up, and re-start your computer...

Definite Vista issue imo....Windows 7 64bit has the same problems

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