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Backlight Problem?? Samsung Restore


Backlight Problem?? Samsung Restore

I don't think this used to happen...but whenever I recieve a text notifiction my backlight turns on, of course. However, it doesn't turn back off until I press a button or move the trackpad. This is really annoying because I can't leave my phone on during class because by the end of the day when I can use it, the backlight's still on and the battery's depleted. I can't even leave it on silent because I won't know when I receive a message and so the backlight stays on. Is there something that I can do to fix this?? Does it have something to do with software updates because I don't believe that this happened until I updated my software.


Backlight Problem?? Samsung Restore

I have the same issue. My Restore began having this problem last week.  I've had the phone for a few months and this never happened before.  I havn't recently updated the software and after the problem began checked for updates and phone says I'm running the most current version.  The problem seems to have started out of the blue and I can't think of anything I did differently last week which could cause this.  This is a fatal flawand if it can't be fixed I'm going to have to get another phone. 

Do Sprint techs read these boards? No response to original poster's problem in 7 months. Anyone else have this issue?


Re: Backlight Problem?? Samsung Restore


     Welcome to the forums, yes we do read the forums, from my understanding when we had our last big update to our Community forums we performed a data migration to a new updated system and a backup was used so there are still older post out there from that backup that don't show the replys to some threads.

As for your issue, I don't see any known issues or investigations for what you're describing. Because it just recently started and you've already tried updating the software, if you've tried other basic things such as pulling the battery and putting back in or toggling/changing the backlit settings then I would probably recommend backing up your contacts/pictures and performing a hard reset on the phone.

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