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Battery trouble after update?


Battery trouble after update?

Received the update last night and all it did was drain my battery.  I normally unplug my phone at 100% charged around 10pm and when I wake up ~6am, it's at 97%.  After the update, it's 88% in the morning.  Wondering if anyone else is having similar issues?

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Re: Battery trouble after update?


Hello tsu422, this may have happened if the phone was running apps in the background or if the phone was still completing any updates. Has this happened in 2 consecutive days? You can also monitor your phone battery usage and view which functions are consuming your battery’s charge and at what percentage:

  1. From home, swipe up to access Apps.
  2. Tap Settings > Device maintenance > Battery for options:
  • Battery usage: View details of battery usage by item.
  • Power saving mode: Extend battery life by selecting a power saving mode level. Choose Off, Mid, or Max. Estimated remaining battery life for each mode is provided.
  • App power monitor: Put apps to sleep so that they do not use battery power when not in use. Tap Save power to enable.
  • Unmonitored apps: Select apps to exclude from being put to sleep by the App power monitor.
  • more options icon More options: Advanced settings: Configure notification settings, the app power monitor, and choose whether or not to see the battery percentage on the status bar.


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