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Bit the bullet and bought a new (extended) battery


Bit the bullet and bought a new (extended) battery

Did the ol' 'spin test' mentioned on this forum, on my old battery and sure enough, the thing was imperceptively bulging which allowed it to spin like a top on a flat surface.

Got an extended batter off ebay for like 10 bucks... It also includes a modified backplate for the phone because the stock one will no longer fit over this larger battery... Well... the results are pretty impressive.   Its still at 80%, 20 hours later.

The cons are obviously the phone is now a little bigger, and i also can't use my rubber shell, as it will no longer fit... 

Though, all in all, people blaming Sprint, might instead blame the Samsung battery.   This phone is now like 2 years old, so it stands to reason maybe the battery has petered out by now.    The only question is, did the update, mess up the battery?  Me? I think using various non-stock chargers probably messed up my original batter more than anything else.

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