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Can't Change Default Ringer On Exclaim


Can't Change Default Ringer On Exclaim

I have a brand new Samsung Exclaim & after dowloading a couple of ringers from the Sprint store I discovered that I cannot change the default ringer for unknown callers under incoming calls!  No matter what I set it to it keeps playing the same song I ringer I picked yesterday from the ringer pre-loaded into the phone.

I have tried power cycling the phone, resetting it to the factory defaults...nothing works.  I took it to the Sprint store where I bought it from to exchange it but they were out of stock on this phone so I have to wait until tomorrow.  The person who waited on me at the Sprint store couldn't change it either and had no idea why or what was wrong.

Anyone else have this problem and, if so, did you fix it without returning the phone?  Is there something I'm missing that I should do?



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