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Cheers to Samsung for getting Epic 4G updates out, however,


Cheers to Samsung for getting Epic 4G updates out, however,

It would be more helpful if said updates actually fixed the issues they were released for. Let's examine DI07: There are supposedly 2 fixes for this maintenance release, one adds the "Media Hub" and the other was to fix "4G de-registration when activating the mobile spot". Even after this release is applied, 4G radio disconnects when mobile hotspot is turned on. Also, how many Galaxy S based phones are STILL having issues with GPS fixes & accuracy? It appears that Samsung is rushing half backed "fixes" to allay the complaints of the masses with the many bugs this phone has.

I do not expect perfection, but I do expect real fixes once problems are uncovered. I am worried that the next release to fix the 3G upload speeds will also be nothing more than a panacea aimed at quieting the chatter of the message boards instead of fixing the real problem(s). Samsung, are you listening?

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