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Comparing the Samsung Moment and Samsung Intercept


Comparing the Samsung Moment and Samsung Intercept

OK... I'm in the market for a new phone and like the Samsung slide out keyboard feature. I currently have a HTC Hero (touch screen only). I went on to shop and did the 'Compare' between the two phones and it appears the Intercept is the clear winner. But they're both the same price. I thought that was kinda weird. Anyway, just thought I'd share my thoughts, for what they're worth.


Re: Comparing the Samsung Moment and Samsung Intercept

Hi; for what its worth, I have a Moment & my roomate has an Intercept, & the biggest important differences between the two would be that the Intercept will hold upto a 32GB memory card while the Moment holds only upto a 16GB card, and it is mandatory that the battery be removed to change cards in the moment, while the Intercept is easilly accessible.  he other big difference is size, while the Intercept is a bit sleeker or slimmer, the Moment clearly has a larger display screen.  Lastly, the slide out keypads are a bit different, but both are top notch slide outs.  Both are good devices!

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