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Error Message when trying to dowload new GB27 update?


Error Message when trying to dowload new GB27 update?

Has anyone else gotten an "error" message when trying to download the GB27 update? I loaded the "simple" downloader tool for my phone onto my desk top and when I go through the steps that are prompted it will start the download and then come back with an error message and won't continue. I am so fed up with the issue's that I am having with this phone that the chances I will ever do business with a Samsung or Sprint again are slim. Still having the problem with sporatic menu popping but I also have not had the chance to plan a day to drive to the nearest repair center. Although I did call and they said I would have to send my phone out to have the screen replaced. Unexceptable as far as I am concerned considering they are designated as a repair center. Contract or no contract I see my contact with the BBB coming very quickly.

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