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File Memory Full? BS


File Memory Full? BS

Ok so I have a Samsung Exclaim and I've had very little issues with it BUT now I'm starting to and it's starting to get to me...

I've tried updating the One Click and it tells me this...

File Memory Full: This app needs 3.72MB of memory, but you only have 4KB available. Unlock or remove apps and try again.

I've tried everything. I've deleted most of my pics, removed some of the tiles, I don't have any music, and I've even taken it to a Sprint store. They said they had fixed the problem but they didn't. Even when I get a few text messages it tells me that it has to erase the most recent ones because there isn't enough memory for them. I have used only 18.6M of memory and I have 573.1M available.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to solve this issue?

Thank you.

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