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Future high-end Samsung Cell Phones


Future high-end Samsung Cell Phones

I have 2 articles, one from REUTERS dated August 6, 2009 the other dated August 7,2009 from MERBEN ? Stating "Sprint to sell high-end AM-LED phones from Samsung in Q4" 2009. The picture of the phone in one article is the Samsung Omnia i8910HD. The article states that "Sprint's director of customer acquisition, David Owens, said that Sprint would start selling an AM-OLED device in the fourth quarter. The REUTERS article went on to say, a Samsung executive confitmed Samsung would provide a phone to Sprint based on the technology later this year. Can anyone give me any information if this will in fact happen this year or possibly by the first couple of months of 2010? Is any of the forgoing true as far as anyone knows? I sure would like to buy this and am willing to wait a reasonable amount of time for it to come out. I purchase my current Nextel phone in 2005 and think I woul like to get into the techonlogy age. I would hate to leave Sprint afetr being with them so long, but Verizon is coming out with some very tempting phones. Can anyone shed any light on this subject???

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