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GS5 No Talk and Internet at the Same Time


GS5 No Talk and Internet at the Same Time

Why can't I talk and surf at the same time unless I am connected to WIFI. My service should be able to do this without being connected to WIFI and I don't want to connect to WIFI. I really thought that Android was going to takeover the market from Apple but with this latest loss of functionality, they have no chance. Disappointed with the GS5. The salesman neglected to tell me I would lose functionality when I upgraded. I had a GS3 which I loved so much and I was not in a contract. I upgraded because I thought the phone would only be better than my 3. Now I am stuck in a two year contract and discovered you are on unable to talk and use the internet at the same time. This was not an issue with the GS3. My service is garbage. Half the time there is no connection when I'm playing games. I get no service when I'm in Blue Island Illinois. When I'm surfing the internet pages take forever to load. The service is horrendous. I'm paying well over $100 a month for this garbage. And to top it off I constantly get pop-up voice ads from Verizon.


Re: GS5 No Talk and Internet at the Same Time

DawnieLynn, thanks for reaching out. I do apologize that this was not explained to you at the store.

None of the newer devices will support simultaneous 3G Voice and 4G data unless Wi-Fi is enabled.

The Galaxy Note III was the last SVoLTE device we launched. This is the same for Verizon. You do have 14 days to return the device if you are still within that time frame. As for your service, I checked out 60406 and see that all upgrades have taken place, except for Spark. Spark is estimated in the next 90 days. Keep updated on the progress at Again, I apologize that this info was not covered previously. Please let us know if you have any questions. - Sarah W
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