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Galaxy Note 2 upgrade... has anyone else experienced this?


Galaxy Note 2 upgrade... has anyone else experienced this?

First of all, let me preface that, like many others here, I have been an account holder for 13 years (with the exception of one year on Nextel which is yours anyway) and I have had good experiences with the company for the most part.  I have only WiMax in my area, with no date yet when I can expect to receive LTE, so I have not had a reason to upgrade from my out-of-contract-duration Evo 3D.  However, I had been considering the move to a Note 2 device, when I see that NEW lines can get the device for $149 and UPGRADING pays $249.  Before you ask.... No, I am not in a contract and can leave tomorrow with no fees.  Yes, I'm eligible for an upgrade.  Why would a new customer be eligible to get a phone for $100 cheaper than a customer with more than 10 years of service?  I understand the concept of attracting new customers, but also the importance of retaining them.  It would make more sense, IMHO, to offer occasional incentives to attract new customers with the "bring your number to Sprint.." type of advertising, but it is very disenfranchising that existing and eligible customers could not get the same attention.  And, yes, I mean that I would NOT allow existing customers that are NOT eligible for an upgrade to reap these rewards; only those who ARE eligible.  Existing customers should be the main incentive, with allowing new customers and not-yet-upgrade-eligible current to reap some of the same rewards as those customers in price breaks occasionally, not the other way around.   Are there exceptions made to these price points for long term customers?

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