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Galaxy S9 Read / Delivered not working.


Galaxy S9 Read / Delivered not working.

A few days ago literally over night my messages went from being in bold read to simply delivered. I've cleared the cache / data . I've deleted the chat history. I've restarted my phone multiple times. I've checked that all available features are toggled. My recipient has an S8 and my messages to them are  being : read : but I can no longer see that mine are.  Is there a fix to this !? why has it stopped working ? 


Re: Galaxy S9 Read / Delivered not working.

What Text App are you using the default text App by Samsung or something else? If your using the default app have you tried another text app? I really like Android Messages which is what Google is trying to get everyone to use so that way everyone with a Android device has some kind of uniformity like Apple does with I-Messages. 

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