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Galaxy SII randomly goes on/off, then unresponsive


Galaxy SII randomly goes on/off, then unresponsive

Started Saturday 2/23/2013 the home screen randomly comes on/goes off, messaging appears, unit turns itself off then back on. Sometimes the power button is unresponsive, sometimes the power button reacts in a delayed manner. I tried taking the battery out and rebooting, to no avail. I let the battery run completely dead then fully charged it before turning the unit back on, no change. I came online and "chatted" with a Sprint Service rep, their advice was to take it to a local repair center.

I've been a Sprint customer for 10 years.

Phone was purchased October 2011


Android version: 4.04.04

Build # IMM76I.fL24

Hardware version: D710.10

It appears from scanning these forums that there are several Sprint customers experiencing this or at least similar problems with the Galaxy S II.

My wife has a S II also and since the last update her problem has been extremely short battery life.

Guess I will venture to the local Sprint Store... yay... the last two visits weren't that great.



2/28/2013 4:30 pm EST

This morning my phone returned to normal, not sure if there was an update pushed thru or what? But so far I have experienced none of the above problems that plagued me for 5 days. Hope there are no more.

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