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Help, I cant delete voicemails!


Help, I cant delete voicemails!

On my Galaxy S6 my voicemail trash folder will not delete. When i click on my voicemail icon,  and go into the trash folder,  there is a message at the top of the screen that says "Messages will never be deleted. Go to Settings to change this. " I have looked all through my settings and there is no way to change this anywhere.  I want to empty my voicemail trash to free up space,  plus I don't need these old voicemails.  In the inbox I can swipe left to delete new voicemails,  but it does not have that option in the trash folder.  Can someone please help me?


Re: Help, I cant delete voicemails!

Hmm never seen that so is this the default app that you are speaking of?? If you hold down on the short cut it will bring up some options. Go to App Info when that screen comes up click on Force Stop then if the app has not close close it then reopen it and see if you can delete the messages then.. Just a thought.. Smiley Happy 


Re: Help, I cant delete voicemails!

I have the same issue. This app used to have a menu in the upper right corner where you could go to delete messages but it went away back in November 2017 and now they're just wasting space and they're not being deleted after 30 days because they're not in the trash and there's no way to put them there now!

EDIT: The only way to delete them now is to go into settings>Apps>Voicemail>Clear Data. This resets the app completely though. I just did that and disabled it because frankly I don't want an app that doesn't allow me to delete idiot message from spammers. I now just dial my number and get my voicemails that way.

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