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Help with USB Mode for Galaxy S2 Epic Touch


Help with USB Mode for Galaxy S2 Epic Touch

I just upgraded to a Galaxy S2 Epic Touch yesterday and a friend of mine asked me to take some pictures for her with my phone. After taking the pictures I plugged my phone into her computer which is an Asus running Windows 8. On my old phone, an Optimus S, as soon as I plugged my phone into a computer it prompted me to enter USB Mode. The Galaxy does nothing. I have looked online and saw that people were reccommending using the USB Debugger but I don't have an option for that in my Settings menu. I'm really getting frustrated with this and am about to take the phone back to Best Buy and get something else, I have no idea why using such a basic function as USB Mode is so difficult. If someone can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

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