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How to I disable the RCS chat service that has changed everything! On note 9


How to I disable the RCS chat service that has changed everything! On note 9

All my contacts names disappeared in my texts,  if I try to pull a name from my contacts it lists ONLY the 1st letter of my contacts name, if I try to to update a contact the letters I type for their name aren't visible on the edit screen.  Not to mention many other service issues FOR YEARS.  This all happened on an update like 4 days ago.  I've read that it can't be undone... REALLY? RCS chat is what I believe is the problem,  too many bugs, no solution can't even uninstall the update on the message settings


Are you using the messaging app that came on the phone? Or have you downloaded the Android messaging app that's available in the Play Store?





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I'm using the messaging service that came with my phone. Thats why it's so bizarre that it has changed this dramatically


I would recommend downloading a third party messaging app. The latest software updated has messed up some things on the note 9 that Samsung is trying to fix. 

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Very frustrating,  especially since it's the factory app that cannot be changed.  The worst is all my contacts ONLY show the 1st letter of their names, it's like a nightmare to send a text message,  you literally have to click on each contact.  So much for the latest and greatest.  Then throw my miserable service from Sprint in on the mix it's like unreliable and unbelievable to even pay them for their service. I constantly have a blue circle of death spinning,  not to mention the only person I faithfully text is my husband who also had sprint.  Our messages disappear, don't send,  and our internet service is crap.  If we' were calling people (which we don't often) I'm certain I'd drop calls,  and here I am in this contract AGAIN all these years later with a NEW phone that's beginning to be painful AND service THAT IS THE WORST IVE EVER HAD

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