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Issue after 4.3 update


Issue after 4.3 update

For the most part I'm really enjoying the 4.3 update on my Galaxy S3 but am having one issue that I can't seem to get rid of. It's constantly showing in the notification bar that I've just saved like 15 images to my phone. These we images saved a long time ago and since deleted. I clear the notifications and sure enough (sometimes in a few seconds, sometimes a few minutes later) they come back and I have to clear it again. I've tried taking out my sd card, power cycling, etc. Is there a solution out there?


Re: Issue after 4.3 update


Thanks for posting on our community forum. I'm sorry that you are being impacted by this issue, but I believe I have a solution. First you must clear all items from the download app history by going to your App Tray > Downloads > Other Downloads > Clear List. If the items are still appearing, clear the Download App data in the Application manager by going to your Settings > More Tab > Application Manager > All Tab > Download Manager > Clear Data.

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Re: Issue after 4.3 update

Since the 4.3 update my phone has been slughish a lot.


Re: Issue after 4.3 update

Thank you! That definitely worked!!

Phone is working beautifully with the update.


Re: Issue after 4.3 update

Hey texasmegs,

Thanks for updating us; I'm really glad to hear your issue was fixed.

Let us know if we can help with anything else. Thanks!

Hey adamgresham,

Thanks for joining in with us; sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with your update.

Have you tried removing the battery for a bit yet? Let us know; be descriptive as possible with your issues if the battery suggestion does not work so we can continue to help. Thanks!


Giovanni R.
Sprint Social Care Team

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