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Issue with Galaxy Note 2


Issue with Galaxy Note 2

Since I bought my Galaxy Note 2 when I turn on the screen of my phone I'll get a message saying "SD Card Unmounted" than right after I'll get another message saying "SD Card Mounted" but today it's gone psycho it'll run the gambit from "SD Card Unmounted" to "SD Card Mounted" to "SD Card Damaged" to "SD Card Blank" Is this going on with anyone else's Galaxy Note 2? is there something I can do? the SD card I use worked fine on my previous phone and I've never had any problems with it till I got this phone. please help.


Re: Issue with Galaxy Note 2


Thanks for posting.

That is very strange, I have yet to see any reports of this happening. The first thought I would have is there might be something wrong with the SD card. If the card is some how corrupt or otherwise damaged, the phone may have a hard time reading the card and attempt to remount it. Do you happen to have another SD card you could test this with? Or, perhaps test with a friends SD card.

If this proves to be unsuccessful I would suspect an issue with the software or perhaps the card slot itself. In this case my suggestion would be to visit a Sprint store so they can diagnose exactly what happened and take the appropriate action to get it fixed. If you need to see a store let me know and I'll be happy to look up a location close to you.

Thank you,



Re: Issue with Galaxy Note 2

It's more than likely your SD card has gone bad. I had a Sandisk 32gb ultra card that I bought and it had the same problem. It would acutally set some of my contact's and notification sounds to default.  After reformatting the disk several times and doing a hard reset on the phone without any correction of the problem, I finally put the original SD card back into the phone that it came with and have not had any more mounting/dismounting/ringtone problems. I contacted Sandisk and they're sending me a new card to replace the faulty one.  Hope this helps...


Re: Issue with Galaxy Note 2

Chris_ra, I wonder if you went to Note2 page of this forum, there have been many posts regarding this error.

KelsoStud The SD card somehow gets corrupted, either from the access from the system, or from the updates that might have a bug.

I had a 32G in mine and never had that issue, I might be a lucky one, but do you have any program installed that specifically uses the SD card for access, and do you mount it as a removable drive in Windows? Make sure you don't just unplug your phone when in removable drive mode, that will damage your card.

I come here trying to help people and I'm NOT employed by Sprint, so If my reply helped you or if you get an answer to your question from other users, PLEASE mark it as solved.

Re: Issue with Galaxy Note 2

I have had the same problem. i sent an sd card that i brought from amazon back because i thought something was wrong with it. Good to know I'm not the only one....

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