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Jumbled Texts


Jumbled Texts

I've had my Galaxy 4 for a couple months. I sometimes notice that when people send me a long text message, it come through in multiple text bubbles, which is fine. The problem is, the order of the bubbles seem to be jumbled: the beginning of the text might begin with the last bubble, or completely mixed all together. For example, one of my friends sent me this text: "Trust me, I understand your frustration...But you will find something because you're always diligently looking...It's just the sign of the times, no one is getting hired..." That text came came in two bubbles: the first bubble said, "...e is getting hired...", and the bubble below that one showed the entire message, except the last few words, and cutting off the e in one. Sometimes the order of the text bubbles is completely mixed up. If it's a very long message, it takes me a couple minutes to put the text bubbles in order because they are so mixed up. Is there a way to fix this problem? I don't know if this has more to do with the phone, or the network? Any solution would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Re: Jumbled Texts


Thanks for reaching out. Please let us know which text app you are using. It may be an issue with the app itself. Please provide the nearest cross streets and zip code so we can also take a look at the service. Let's see what's going on.

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Re: Jumbled Texts

I've seen this on multiple GS4's on Sprint as well as on other carrier's devices, I have a feeling it's just a Samsung proprietary messaging application issue. I haven't seen or heard complaints about this on other devices either, I'm unsure why it would just be the S4.

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