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Logitech Pro 12.2 Keyboard/Case Review for the Note Pro


Logitech Pro 12.2 Keyboard/Case Review for the Note Pro

Hello folks!

We're back with another "REAL REVIEW"!

What's a REAL REVIEW?  It's a review based purely on direct use and observation. I'm paid absolutely nothing, and anything I review is actually owned or closely reviewed by me personally.

So... basically, it's pretty subjective toward my own uses... and I use this technology 24/7.

My smartphone and tablet IS my TV, RADIO, COMPUTER, CAMERA, BOOK, PERSONAL INFORMATION MANAGER, ALARM CLOCK... and actually... everything "technology" that one normally has that requires electricity or a battery charge.  I simply own nothing else.

Thus, I really put that which I review through the paces.

This time we are reviewing Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Tablet Accessories.  I mention "we" because your input is freely accepted, especially if it contradicts my personal opinion.

This is the REVIEW you read AFTER you've already researched everything yourself. Thus, I'm not going to upload a bunch of pictures and the like because you (should) already know what these accessories look like.  Hopefully you've been to Best Buy or a like store and have seen these accessories yourself.  Sometimes a personal "look-see" can make clear something that's a definite deal breaker for you... making hard decisions even easier.


I'm propped up in bed with a few pillows behind my back.  I have my Galaxy NOTE 4 on the screen of my NOTE PRO TABLET... yes... said "ON MY SCREEN".  It's a FREE app called "SideSync 3.0", and it's absolutely COOL.  Put it on the Note Pro tablet, and on the Note 4 smartphone. Then turn on WIFI (no external wifi needed folks! This is unit to unit.)  You'll have your NOTE 4 completely available for use while you use your Samsung tablet.

For instance, I'm listening to SPOTIFY songs on my Note Pro... FROM MY NOTE 4!! I can run any of my Note 4 apps directly from my Note Pro Tablet!  Answer my mail, send text messages, use the Note 4 browser to surf the web... etc.. all without using ANY WIFI at home. This is nice, because I don't have WIFI at home!  In this manner, I'm using my Note 4 DATA on my Samsung Labtop!  YeeeeHA! Good thing I have Sprint's unlimited data

I'm using OFFICESUITE PRO to type this WORD file out. It's the best.

I'm using the LOGITECH PRO KEYBOARD CASE to type this out.  The case is on my lap, and the angle and the position of the keys in relationship to the tablet screen is perfect. I tried this same thing with a FOLIO case and a detached LOGITECH BACKLIT Bluetooth Keyboard (Logitech K810)... but getting the keyboard into position and keeping everything together was much more difficult and not as condusive to productivity as a SINGLE UNIT type keyboard/case setup.

VERSUS A LAPTOP:  If I were to try this with my laptop, I'd be worrying about AIR vents being blocked by my legs, or it's weight, or battery longevity, or WHY I have to have WIFI to watch NETFLIX and Surf the WEB.  With this NOTE 4 and NOTE PRO 12.2 setup, I need only 3G (which is all I have out in the boon docks... and it works fine).  If you have WIFI, imagine the experience you'll have!

Also... to listen to SPOTIFY, I'm using the Plantronics BACKBEAT PRO wireless headphones.  The Note 4 is connected as "phone input", and the Note Pro is set to the "music stream".  Thus, I can answer phone calls while also hearing everything coming off my Note Pro... WHICH... is REALLY coming from my NOTE 4 too via the SideSync 3.0 app! 

But there are compromises in these choices... and here's the REAL REVIEW!


In short: BAD BAD BAD... it's all bad. But I'm still using it.

Why is it bad?  Ok... as of December 10th, 2014, there's little competition with regard to a KEYBOARD CASE for the beautiful 12.2 inch Galaxy Note Pro.  The Logitech Pro Keyboard Case is about the best you can get. It's sturdy, it's ergonomically correct, it's easy to type on (except for that "ENGLISH(US)" message that pops up everytime you hit the Space Bar and SHIFT key at the same time!  A real complaint by fast typer's. It's not bad on the eyes either.  The fact that it isn't backlit isn't that much of an issue because the screen brightness actually gives you enough light (for REAL typers) to position your hands correctly and to hit the right keys.

So what's the issue?

Well... protecting the screen is a big thing with me.  I mean, I (WE) paid close to an extra hundred or so on screen protectors and cases to keep the screen pristine.  Well... YOU WON'T FIND THIS IN ANY OTHER REVIEW... because those reviewing the case aren't going to go into this... investiment... like those who use this case on a regular basis to protect something that cost a month or so's worth of groceries.

When you "close" the case... the screen lays on top the keyboard just like all the others. But there are rubber? gromlets that raise/lift the tablet away from actually resting on the keys themselves... just like the other keyboard cases.

So what's the issue?  Well.... the "groove" edges that the tablet sets into are elevated a bit, as you can imagine. I started my obsessive compulsive disordering when I began to calculate the elevation of this P L A S T I C elevated groove edge. Already knowing... I closed the case and looked closely in the space provided between keys of the keyboard and the GLASS TABLET SCREEN. The keys indeed clear the PRISTINE Note Pro glass screen.  BUT... that HARD PLASTIC groove edge... that runs the entire length of the keyboard... HITS THE SCREEN!  The screen actually rests RIGHT ON IT!  It's like the HARD PLASTIC GROOVE EDGE is the middle support between the upper gromlets and this rubber? sliver of a strip at the bottom edge.  BUT THE HARD PLASTIC GROOVE LEDGE is about a finger's width away from that sliver of a rubber strip.... and the GLASS SITS DIRECTLY on this HARD PLASTIC RAISED GROOVE EDGE!

So... I'm really not happy that my screen will have this plastic edge rubbing against it while the $1000 tablet with accessories and insurance investiment sits in it's $129.99 case!

I WON'T be placing this Logitech Pro Keyboard Case into my backpack... that's for sure.  All I'll be thinking is that my screen is having HARD PLASTIC rub against the ENTIRE lower 1/3 of my SCREEN!  ALL BAD!  Have you heard about this in any reviews?  I haven't.  It's a biggy and a deal breaker for sure.  I mean, the screen is the thing that needs to be protected the most.  Shame Logitech.

So why am I still using it?  Well... I like the keyboard setup. But for transport, I'll be using my EBAY $8.00 Folio what came with a screen protector (thank goodness it was on when I had my screen against that HARD PLASTIC!  An $8.00 EBAY Folio purchase prevented this $129.99 Logitech Pro Keyboard/Case from maring my screen!  WHEW!  Plus, the cheap folio case is soft inside, and also has that magnetic closure thing where my screen will automatically go into sleep mode when closed. Cool.  The $129.99 Logitech Pro does not have this "sleep" function.... only that HARD PLASTIC AGAINST MY SCREEN function.

A special mention: I had read multiple Note Pro reviews which namecalled it "Massive", "Behemouth", etc.  But seriously, when I got it, I though it wasn't really that unweildly at all. It's a perfect size if you want to do serious stuff... like play while working... on the same screen.  If you're going to go with a tablet, why force yourself to suffer a small screen?  You've already made the committment to have a tablet, so you might as well get one that allows you to do what you want without compromise.  I mean, you're not going to wear the thing one a hip-holster anyway. Having room for 8" of tablet isn't that much less that 12.2" of tablet... and it's absolutely perfect for those things you're going to want to do with a tablet ANYWAY.  Trust me in this.


The Samsung Keyboard Top is nice. It's WHITE, which will match my particular Note Pro. Also, it has a flip up back that the Tablet Rests against. This will fold down when the top is placed over the screen to protect the FRONT ONLY portion of the Note Pro 12.2 screen.

What's nice about these Galaxy Note Pro keyboard/case keyboards is that they have keys that work specifically with ANDROID, and they are really useful.

That's why I chose the Logitech Pro Keyboard/Case option over the separate "folio case" with separate Logitech K810 backlit bluetooth keyboard. That K810 does have a "few" android keys, but nothing like what the Note Pro keyboard/case keys have.  It was that much of a help for me to discard the separate keyboard senario. YET, WITH the HARD PLASTIC AGAINST SCREEN Logitech Pro issue, that might be my best option.

The ZAG case/keyboad is LIGHT... LIGHT... LIGHT. Many who like this case have stated that it is thinner and lighter than the Logitech Pro keyboard/case setup. They have also noted that it's FLIMSY.  TOO FLIMSLY.  So... it's probably not the best option. But ANYTHING is better than HARD PLASTIC RUBBING AGAINST your SCREEN.

NOTE: As mentioned before... the "ENGLISH(US)" message that keeps popping up on the Logitech PRO is really a ROYAL PAIN. If you type fast, note that there's no grace for holding down the shift key while hitting the space bar. You probably never even realized how often you do this... but you WILL with the Logitech Pro Keyboard/Case. Trust me in this.


John032060 - Thanks for your post. Let me know if there is anything I can assist you with. - Nyyota
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