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Mobil Data Non-Existent on S10+


Mobil Data Non-Existent on S10+

Got my Galaxy S10+ yesterday and am having all kinds of problems connecting while using my mobile data connection. Talk to Sprint rep twice and even went into the Sprint store to resolve this issue. The rep changed the Network Mode and reactivated my phone to fix this issue. While I was there another customer called to say they were having the same issue. She told me to contact Samsung that this may be a global issue with the S10+. I contact Samsung, they did not see to know of any issue with these phones like that. They suggested I return the phone as it may be defective. My Sprint store will not have any more phones until this Wednesday. Has anyone else had this issue?


When I called my local Sprint store yesterday to reserve a replacement S10+ they told me that this is happening to all S10+ phones and that their Samsung rep told them an update should be coming in the next few days to fix this issue. I already turned in my S8+ so I am not real sure about any credit. I know that you have 14 days to exchange a phone if you are unsatisfied so I hope they resolve this issue before the 14 days are up or I will have to exchange it for something that does work and I really do not want to do that as I like the phone. 


I exchanged mines for another s10 plus, new phone has no issues.   When I bought my s10 plus I also bought a regular s10 at the same time.  The s10 was perfect while the plus had data issues.   Both were activated at the same time. 


We haven't caught wind of an official update being pushed through just yet, but there is a lot of chatter about this issue right now. We've been logging any similar issues that have been popping up with new S10 devices having any data issues and are assisting on a case-by-case basis until we know more. If you are having any issues, please send us a PM so that we can troubleshoot and potentially open up a ticket with our tech support team to help investigate this further.


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I did some testing on my S10+. Entering ServiceMo...

Just a quick update. I saw on reddit that someone had disabled band 41 which solved the problem for them apparently. I tried it myself, but nope, didn't work. But, on a whim, I went ahead and disabled band 25 too. I've got my data back now!


I would prefer not to mess with settings that I don't fully understand, but desperate times and all that. I haven't read all the rules and regulations for this site, so I'm not sure if it's ok to post the steps here or not. Look for S10+ and band 41 on reddit if you want to give it a try.


Edit: haven't found anything saying I'm not supposed to post stuff like this, so...




I posted that on another thread here also,  and for me band 41 didn't fix it for me but disabling band 25 did the trick and my phone has quick lte and no problems working off of band 26. Its a temp fix for sure. But it beats the heck out of waiting with a brick that cant do anything.


I know, right? I was sitting around with an s8+ and an s10+ thinking "man, these are some expensive paperweights!" xD

Customer service apparently thinks that all of their customers have (1) alternative internet access wherever they are, and (2) several devices to use in diagnostic endeavors. This is my only data connection, lol. (The local service provider finally ran a fiber optic line up to my driveway, and it was actually an accident. xD Hope to get on that soon.)

My point is that, temporary workaround or not, it's much more difficult to fix something when you need it to be fixed in order to fix it. 😛

Yeah the update that is out should not have anything to do with the device not working my guess is some devices are not communicating well in certain areas so yes disable bands might help. Either way for folks having these kind of issues before they get to far in setting up their devices  they might try another one. With any new device it's always a hit or miss and everyone home area which is where they spend most of their time will always vary as well as far as what kind of network coverage is in their area. 


Yeah, messing with the settings isn't for everyone, but in my case I think it's solved some problems that I simply accepted with older phones.

I live in the middle of nowhere, and my signal strength is right on the edge of not being able to make a stable connection. The signal quality, however, is a lot better than it is in town or the more populated areas nearby.

I don't know how the different bands work. Like, at what signal strength are they supposed to switch to a different band in hopes of a better connection? I'm hoping that sticking with the band that usually works the best for me will help prevent the phone from (trying to) switch between different bands.

It's not a big deal really, but I enjoy playing OMFPS's. If the phone switches from one band/frequency to another it has to disconnect from the first and then connect to the second. That's several seconds of being helpless. 😉

It's my understanding that band 25 is the main one used by Sprint for data. Band 26 is used in more rural area with less coverage. And band 41 is used for LTE+ which should be faster than the other 2 bands.  


+1 for this issue with my S10. In my work parking lot, I get 4-5 bars of LTE. When I'm on band 25, I get ~20 Mbps. When I'm on band 26, I get ~6 Mbps. When I'm on band 41, I get almost no data or <0.5 Mbps occasionally. Right now, I have band 26 and 41 disabled.


Any update from Sprint or Samsung on this issue?


I live in Northern Indiana and I disabled bad 41 and so far it seems to be working. We shall see if it continues to work. 🙂 I am so happy someone was able to figure out this work around while we wait for Samsung to figure out their solution to it. 


cant remember which goes to which but the 800mhz is for building penetration..the 1900mhz is the regular LTE signal (for example..if you didnt have a tri band LTE phone you would be connecting to the 1900 only)...and 2500 is the faster speeds/longer range one...just cant remember off the top of my head which bands went to which lol.

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************

Glad to hear it's working as a fix for now. We'll let you know when the new software is rolled out. 

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