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Morons at Sprint messed up my order


Morons at Sprint messed up my order


I ordered a Galaxy S3 from Sprint on Friday because of their sale. This was done over the phone because their website was done because of these morons didn't predict the traffic they would recieve. Anyway, I ordered the S3 over the phone, paid the $50 + taxes and fees, and thought nothing of it until the package arrived today. When I opened it up, it turns out the phone was actually a Galaxy S2, At this point I was annoyed knowing I would have to send the phone back and wait more for my actual phone to arrive. However, after checking my order online and from the packing slip, I found out that my order was actually placed for the Galaxy S2, and I became pretty pissed at this point. I would be calling Sprint Customer Service right now, but their office hours are closed right now, and I'm left sitting in my rage typing out this message in the hopes that someone, either a Sprint employee or customer, can help me right now with advice and/or suggestions. Thank you for reading this and I hope that these fools didn't mess up your order, too.


Apologies about the mix up between the two phone models. Were you able to confirm a new order of GS3 since you originally posted. Please let me know, as I am here to help.

Ruth E

Social Care Team


You know, mistakes happen.  I bet the OP has made a few. Instead of shouting and calling names, maybe you'd be better off just waiting until Sprint opens, call them, and get it resolved. The OP's post makes him sound like a moron more than anything else. And since he hasn't been back, I'm willing to bet Sprint apologized and took care of it.

No, I don't work for Sprint.

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