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Need Help with getting ESN/MEID Released


Need Help with getting ESN/MEID Released

I purchased a used phone from a reputable refurbisher/reseller (i.e. Alltech Wholesale in Carrolton, TX).  But when I tried I tried to activate it on my Sprint account, I couldn’t.  I expect it's probably a corporate turn in, and somebody dropped the ball on the previous account and didn't release it like they were supposed to.  Now I can't activate it on my account. There's no balance on the phone, it's not been reported lost or stolen, etc.. Would somebody PLEASE see if you can get them to release the ESN/MEID for me? I’ve had no luck with Sprint Customer Service. Also I contacted the seller, and they apologized, but said I’d just have to return the phone for a refund. I’m trying to avoid having to do all that. I just want to do a swap with an existing phone on my account, as the old device's battery is swelling up and no longer holding a charge.  Is there an admin/moderator that can help me out with this please?


left out a few things the agents will



are you currently a Sprint customer?


the phone you purchased...was it a previous Sprint phone or was it on another carrier?

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Yes.  I've been a Sprint customer for 20 years.  The phone is a Sprint Samsung GS7.


II know you do not want to hear this, but unfortunately Sprint will not be able to do anything if the phone is still linked to an account or contract (business or private).
My suggestion, for you to avoid headaches, is to just return the phone and get another one.
I'm sure you got a good deal on it and you do not want to return it, but I would have shipped it already if that was the case for me.
That said, did Sprint reps tell you anything regarding the IMEI? is it locked to a contract/account?
You stated it has no balance due, did the Rep tell you that?
I come here trying to help people and I'm NOT employed by Sprint, so If my reply helped you or if you get an answer to your question from other users, PLEASE mark it as solved.

@MikeZinTX, I'm going to send you a private message to get your account and the phone information.





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