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Need help transferring everything from LG Lotus to Samsung Intercept


Need help transferring everything from LG Lotus to Samsung Intercept

I intend to upgrade online soon to a Samsung Intercept (my first Android smartphone) from my LG Lotus (absolutely best phone I ever had!), but would like step-by-step instructions for moving contacts (including multiple phone numbers and e-mails), photos, music, downloaded ringtones, and downloaded games to the new device.

I'd like to be able to get it right the first time, so would be helpful to have the right procedures at my disposal in advance. (I'm sure plenty of other people would benefit from a good clear explanation as well. There are bits and pieces all over the forums but The Whole Picture would be very helpful).

I particularly want to know what I can/should do BEFORE I activate the new phone.

About my phone:

My contacts are backed up to Sprint's Wireless Backup service (not directly supported by the Intercept).

My music and photos are on the micro-sd card, and I think my e-mails are also.

Both devices have micro USB ports, so can connect to my computer.

I appreciate in advance the efforts of whoever takes on this challenge.


Re: Need help transferring everything from LG Lotus to Samsung Intercept

Contacts - Go to your Sprint Wireless Sync page and "Export" your contacts to your PC in a .csv file. Take the.csv file and "Import" it to your gmail/google account. Once you set up your new phone and enter your gmail account it will sync your contacts over.

Music & Photos - Plug your phone into your PC using the USB cord and transfer your files to your PC, Once you get your new phone you can transfer those to it. (if your PC won't read your phone, Pull the SD card and place it in a card reader, Then plug it into your PC)

Ringtones - If they are MP3's and stored on the SD card, You would do those the same as the music from above. If they are Sprint purchased ringtones, They are not transferable/compatible with your new phone.

Emails - Chances are there is no way to save those from the phone, You may want to forward them to yourself and save them from your PC.

Games - They won't be compatible with the new phone.


Re: Need help transferring everything from LG Lotus to Samsung Intercept

Thanks, Levi4u. You truly are a Master (and have a great hat). I feel much better prepared.

Now I only hope my future Intercept proves to behave as well as my lovely red Lotus - dropped from a roof, drowned in a spa but recovered in a bin of rice, still works like a champ months later.


Re: Need help transferring everything from LG Lotus to Samsung Intercept

This is the sequel to my original post asking for help transferring everything. I've now had my Intercept for just about a week and want to share my experience to date.

I got the phone at Radio Shack; they've provided excellent service since I originally signed up there with Sprint years (and several phones) ago. They transferred all my contacts in the store. I had backed up my Lotus's music and photos to one of my computers, and although I've had no luck (despite following advice from some other forum posts) getting my XP, Vista or Mac to see my phone using the USB connection, I ultimately had no problem at all using the little microSD adapter included with the phone to seamlessly copy the photo folder and music files to the Intercept, which had no problem finding them when I put the wee card back in.

As for other issues that have been posted regarding this quirky little phone, my e-mail (several accounts) and browser work just fine so far, have downloaded a couple free apps from the Sprint store that installed and work just fine also.

I too wish it had LED notifications, not just sound (even deaf people use cell phones - and set them down!) I liked the idea someone had of revising the firmware so the touch keys would blink. My Lotus blinked every minute or so, which reminded you that it was on... and helped you find it in the dark.

My comment regarding the balky touch buttons and screen touch is basically the following - be light and gentle. Tap, don't push hard on the four buttons (the search button is too sensitive, though!) It's like a new lover - you have to learn the touch it likes to get the response you seek. It did take a few days, but this is my first touch phone. My daughter, an iPhone user, got around on it right away (and of course ultimately scoffed at it....sigh.)

Also, I read somewhere that the gallery will not display in landscape mode; it does, however, if you slide out the keyboard, which makes photos much easier to see and work with.

I am not holding my breath waiting for the upgrade to Android 2.2 but certainly hope we can get it, like everyone else who wants Flash content to work! It seems to me that this phone was too recently released to be incapable of running 2.2. If so, shame on Samsung and Sprint!

All in all, it's a nice little phone so far (good sound, by the way!) and I hope I continue to like it. Thanks to all for sharing your good ideas and sad frustrations in this valuable forum.

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