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Note 2 Update Causing Freezing


Note 2 Update Causing Freezing

After I ran the 4.3 Update my phone has started to freeze when swiping to unlock the home screen. It's also frozen when changing screens, this only happened once compared to the dozens of times it froze unlocking the home screen. The only way to fix this is to pull out the battery. I've had to remove the battery anywhere from 1 - 5 times each day. I've tried to clear out the caches' but nothing works. I also never received a call yesterday from my wife who has the same phone on Sprint, her's shows a call, mine doesn't. Her phone is having issues connecting to data since the update. Is there any way to downgrade? My battery is also dying by early evening, I never had that problem until the update. I hate my phone now! I hope a fix is in the works, this is a really expensive pain in my butt.


Re: Note 2 Update Causing Freezing


Thank you for posting and for reaching out to us in regards to your situation. I'm sorry to hear of the issues you and your wife are having with your Samsung Galaxy Note 2. In regards to downgrading your operating system, you would not be able to go back to your previous operating system. Do you currently have Total Equipment Protection insurance on both phones? If so, have you visited a Sprint service and repair center to get them both checked out by a technician? Please let us know, we look forward to your response.

Charles G.

Sprint Social Care Team

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