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Note 4 "Extremely Productive" Applications and Accessories: SideSync 3.0


Note 4 "Extremely Productive" Applications and Accessories: SideSync 3.0

Hi Folks!

I mentioned this in another post, but I thought I'd present a sniplet of that mention here in it's own focus: The Awesome SideSync 3.0 FREE APP!!


I'm propped up in bed with a few pillows behind my back.  I have my Galaxy NOTE 4 on the screen of my NOTE PRO TABLET... yes... said "ON MY SCREEN".  It's a FREE app called "SideSync 3.0", and it's absolutely COOL.  Put it on the Note Pro tablet, and on the Note 4 smartphone. Then turn on WIFI (no external wifi needed folks! This is unit to unit.)  You'll have your NOTE 4 completely available for use while you use your Samsung tablet.

For instance, I'm listening to SPOTIFY songs on my Note Pro... FROM MY NOTE 4!! I can run any of my Note 4 apps directly from my Note Pro Tablet!  Answer my mail, send text messages, use the Note 4 browser to surf the web... etc.. all without using ANY WIFI at home. This is nice, because I don't have WIFI at home!  In this manner, I'm using my Note 4 Unlimited DATA to enjoy my Note Pro 12.2 Tablet!  YeeeeHA! Good thing I have Sprint's unlimited data

I'm using OFFICESUITE PRO to type this WORD file out. It's the best.

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