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Note9 call and surf not working

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Note9 call and surf not working

Got the new not note 9. It will not let me surf the web while on the phone . I don't have the sprint plus or whatever it is it not available for this phone. And sprint says it not them it is Samsung that didn't make the phone where u can do it. But Samsung says it on sprints end. Can it be fixed  


Re: Note9 call and surf not working

Hey. In a future update, you will be able to talk on the phone and surf the web simultaneously. Once VoLTE is released, then you will be able to utilize that feature. Stay in the know at


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Re: Note9 call and surf not working

the Sprint variants can due to a built in app called Calling Plus that contains the ability to make calls/browse the web at the same time as well as wifi calling. if its the unlocked and direct from the OEM or from another carrier variant then it does not have this ability built in even if it was brought over to here.


no mention if this might become available at some point for unlocked devices coming over to Sprint..but like the agent pointed out above once they kick out VoLTE (Voice over LTE) it wont be an issue.

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Re: Note9 call and surf not working

I didn't wait. If I remember correctly the phone has the option unchecked. I got mine to surf the web while on a call simultaneously. Do a little Google searching. And look for a post on xda.

Re: Note9 call and surf not working

That makes no sense.


What exactly did you do, step by step and on what device?


It is possible you have a seeded device firmware that Sprint has pushed out to Beta Test the new network.

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