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Phone Company & Samsung M520 Slowly (yet surely) driving me absolutely insane.


Phone Company & Samsung M520 Slowly (yet surely) driving me absolutely insane.

I just sent this e-mail to [my cell phone company, let's call them "intSrpay"]:

Since early June when I got my new SPH-M520, I've had to...

Reset my voicemail 3 separate times when prompted as I was attempting to simply check my voicemail... which had already been set up... each time.

E-mail customer service, visit the Sprint store (even to the extent of going duirectly back in right after leaving when the phone was reset because it SILL wasn't doing what they told me it would do...), & call the "tier 2" service number to resolve an issue with not being able to download game & ringer content. This was eventually solved after several reset/update tries in the phone, & eventually a 'factory default reset'.

E-mail & call tech support about this as-of-yet-unresolved issue where I get the error messgae "Info alert System Info Alert System Failure: Exception getting alert for rule pmltpm87" when trying to upload photos to my picturemail account, or send picture mail. When I try to access picturemail via the web @, I encounter this error: "PM 87: Picture Mail access failure. Please call Customer Solutions".

I'm about to visit the Sprint store this evening to try and (yet again) resolve the issue by a 'factory default reset' of my phone.

Each time I try to get an issue resolved, I go through the same "reset this/reset that" set of steps until I'm told by e-mail to call the sprint service number, by the service number to go to the store, and by the store to call the service number yet again when all they've done is to call the service number in the first place while I stood there and looked at them?

Why do you have e-mail support and/or people in the store for customer service when all they're there for is to tell you to call the customer service line?

Can you please tell me why on Earth I should keep this phone/plan?

If my phone is reset (yet again!), will I lose any downloaded content like ringtones & games... since they inexplicably can't be saved to the MicroSD card or transferred to other Bluetooth devices? (Why am I not allowed to control/transport content that I paid for in the first place?)

I can't remember a time when I have dealt with any entity this inept at resolving an issue. Seriously. Would you personally accept this level of service from anything in life that you actually pay for?

Phone number with problems: (XXX) XXX-XXXX
PIN# for the account: XXXXXXXXXX

Thank you for your time. I hope to hear form a real live person, via e-mail, not a phone call... answering all of my queries above. (Typically I get a response to only one facet of my inquiries.)


Can anyone from Sprint that posts here enlighten me to the customer service thought process at Sprint?


Re: Phone Company & Samsung M520 Slowly (yet surely) driving me absolutely insane.

I suppose I could be wrong, butgiven the overwhelming number of responses from IntSpray representatives I would have to assume that there is no customer service thought process at IntSpray.


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