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Pie update rolling out! S8+ Sprint/Atlanta


Pie update rolling out! S8+ Sprint/Atlanta

Just got the update! Battery was too low to install(lol), had to charge to 20%. Installing now. Sprint Galaxy S8+ in Atlanta.

*I checked several times daily for the update. Appeared tonight.


Happy that you got the update! Let us know what you think. 

"Is your name Wi-Fi? Because I'm feeling a connection."

Installed the the update on my s8.  Have been using the adaptive battery and screen settings 



Battery time much better than Oreo 



So far works great


Yes I can verify this as well should have taken a SS due to my other half is still on the S8 so Pie and the new Samsung UI plus the March Update all in one update is rolling out today. It's about 1.6GB so it will take some time to apply my guess is the with the S8 this might be the last major Android update it receives. For those on the S7 you will probably need to look at updating your device due to from last I read the S8 series will be the oldest devices getting Pie. Those on the S8 Series devices could go to the S10 or wait until the S11 it will just depend on the user but the S8 most likely will not be getting very many future updates as well after Pie besides the security updates. 


Installed this on my S8 today, but I'm seeing major connectivity problems. It will only connect to CDMA/3G and often completely drops the connection. I did not have this issue this morning before updating. It seems as is the S10 issues are also present on the S8 update. People may want to hold off on updating.

EXACT  SAME issues immediately after the Pie update I've been trying to troubleshoot since March 27th, 8am.


Soon as my phone boots up it gets great LTE service for about 10 seconds and then the bars go down to 0 for about 30 more seconds before eventually going to an "x" within the LTE bars. The LTE "x" with no bars stays for about 3-5 minutes and then 3g kicks in with bars lit. The 3G is VERY spotty - When I make messenger calls on it it lasts for about 1 minute and then the bars go out and as soon as I hang up the bars come back. Almost like it was buffering or something.


I took it to the sprint store. They tried 3 different SIMS, reset it, opened the phone and reset my LTE, Wifi wires as well as reseated my battery before sending me out saying I'd have to send it off for a couple of weeks. I refuse to do that as it's NOT a hardware issue since the update is the only thing that's happened.


I've done the bands 25/26/41 alterations and then ##72786#. After a day of playing with it I managed to get LTE to stay consistently until the phone rebooted itself about 20 minutes later. Then it went back to the same old LTE,x,3g cycle.  Even when I had LTE for those 20 minutes, I couldn't text as outgoing text messages hung and would never send. I WAS able to browse the Internet and make phone calls.

I've learned more than I want to know about my phone over these last 2 days.


##72786# - resets the network connection to default.

*#0011# - Allows you to see what LTE band you're using.

##3282# - then enter 000000 for code, allows you to change/view band settings by choosing the LTE option


Very frustrating as I have only 2 more months left to payoff my S8.

You are NOT ALONE!


I would NOT upgrade if I knew there was a chance of THIS happening.


I have the same issue since the update. I hope they can come up with a solution soon. 


any update on S8 connectivity issues after Pie upgrade??

We don't have an update yet for this.

"Is your name Wi-Fi? Because I'm feeling a connection."
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