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Please help!!!!


Please help!!!!

I purchase a new Galaxy S3 three weeks ago and it doesn't work properly! It drops every call, i have full bar (signal) and incoming calls don't go thru,  the phone is extremly hot to touch when  making calls, and to make it worse every time i get a text i get the same text deleiver 15 to 20 times.  I try going to spring stores and they will not touch it unless i pay a 35 dollar fee becuase id decided not to add the insurance on the phone.  I guess i purchase a bad phone and sprint is not going to do anything about it.  by the way i purchase the phone at full price $599.99 dollars at the same sprint store that i keep going to get it repair THREE WEEKS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.   


Never mind I will let the lawyers battle this one.. God bless Legal Shield service!!! I might not get my money back but at least i will make then spend money answering the calls and letters from my laywers


TEP can be added within 30 days after activation, upgrade, or ESN swap. You have only had your phone for 3 weeks.

You can also contact the manufacturer since your phone is still under the 1 year manufacture warranty.


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