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Ringtone Issues with Rant - Can't connect USB - HELP!!!


Ringtone Issues with Rant - Can't connect USB - HELP!!!

I figured I'd transfer ringtones from my computer and I cannot seem to get it to completely connect with my phone and computer. I followed the instructions on Sprint's website, but nothing happened and it wouldn't give me the option to go further. It keeps saying connect USB, but the USB is connected! Help, someone!!

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Re: Ringtone Issues with Rant - Can't connect USB - HELP!!!

The issue could be your computer's drivers. You don't mention what operating system you use but I'm guessing some version of Windows XP.


When I connect my Rant to the PC, I simply go to Home > Menu > 6. Mass Storage > 1. Connect to PC. Windows detects the new device as a removable mass storage device using a generic USB mass storage device driver.


I have to do it twice in some cases for Windows to wake up. But then it shows up as a removable drive in My Computer. Photos and videos are in the X:\DCIM\ folder, where "X" is the drive letter your Rant is recognized as.




If that doesn't work for you, Samsung has a pretty great guide on updating drivers. wto_guide_step_no=1...


This link may also be promising: B_Driver_Installer....

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