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S10 data issues plus other issues not happy


S10 data issues plus other issues not happy

I am not happy and will be switching back to Verizon after my 18 months are up.  No wonder your ad on TV doesn't appear anymore, the one where you say your 1% behing Verizon's data well that's a misleading ad and a lie.

Yesterday on my way to Toledo, OH I had spotty data coverage like 2-3 bars then 0 bars no coverage at all.  Never had this problem with Verizon NEVER.  Also I went to send my niece a text message and it wouldn't send until 3 tries to resend it.  This is UNACCEPTABLE.  When we finally made it to Toledo I had 2-4 bars.  My niece has a Iphone and her data was working and all of a sudden her data STOP working she is also with Sprint.  Very, very disappointed I ever switched from Verizon, I should have paid the higher price for the phone and kept my 2G data plan.  My sister-in-law also said her coverage (data) is spotty with Sprint and never was when she had straight talk through verizon.  Goes to show VERIZON is better than you guys.

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