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S7 UICC Unlock


S7 UICC Unlock

Hi! So I'm not sure whether I'd like to switch carriers or not, but either way I'd like my phone to work with other sim cards. Sprint does not have much coverage in my area, so this is a real issue. I got this phone secondhand off a seller on Ebay. He has called sprint to make sure its unlocked and they confirmed that it is. Despite this, I cannot access my APN settings nor use the UICC unlock. I have called sprint multiple times for help with this issue, but the customer service number either didnt work, or they informed me that I needed the owners passcode. Understandably, he cannot give me access to that, as I am just a stranger. Is there any way I can resolve this issue?


Re: S7 UICC Unlock

make sure the sprint sim card is back in the phone...and that its turned on and connected to wifi...once that is done contact the seller and have them contact sprint and relock it then re unlock can take a few days to get completed..if any of the top things are not in place it will not unlock and you will have to repeat all of this over again.

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