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S8 Active drops outbound and inbound calls


S8 Active drops outbound and inbound calls

My dad has an S8 Active on my account and starting Saturday, he cannot place or recieve calls. He is able to dial and start a call, hearing the person on the other end but they can't hear him. Likewise, when his phone is called and he answers, he can hear the person, but nothing on the other end. Then, in both situations, the call just drops after a few seconds. Finally, starting this morning, I can't text him and when I call his phone it goes directly to pickup status with no voicemail. Just silence. He doesn't have Google Voice, as I saw that may cause issues. Any ideas??? 


Re: S8 Active drops outbound and inbound calls

Hello MELHOw. I would like to discard some possibilities, since you mentioned that your father is unable to hear the other person, do you know if he tried using earphones? 



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