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S9 text message ring tone


S9 text message ring tone

Anyone with the new S9 notice that we don't have the ability to assign text message ringtones to contacts? Now all text messages have the same ringtone. Does anyone know if this was an oversight by the developers of the Oreo OS? Or better yet, does anyone know if it will come back in the form of an update? I hate not being able to know who is texting with everyone having the same ringtone. 


Didn't work...still heard that darn GOAT! Which does sound like Steve Harvey when you think about it.  I even tried to install SMS Pro and it still didn't work! Instead of just the Screaming Goat, I got the Jumanji drums (Notification sound) along with it! I hope Samsung fixes it soon!


Hard reset?


I have an S7 galaxy, same thing happened to everyone when they updated to oreo.  You can set customized text tones, found out on the samsung trouble shooting website:

Go to the message string of the person you want to set the custom text tone for

Tap the 3 little dots on the right hand upper corner

Tap Notifications

Tap Custom then the gear icon to the right

Then Sound

Will bring you to Samsungs build in text tones


Help this helps! Took me since August 2018 to finally learn this! 

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