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SAMSUNG RECLAIM won't let me customize carousel tile or tiles. Please Help.


SAMSUNG RECLAIM won't let me customize carousel tile or tiles. Please Help.

Hi, all!

I wanted to see mainly if anyone else is having this problem, and if they pursued help with this problem, what did you ultimately do about it? The following seems to me like some kind of bug with the phone, but maybe I missed a step too when troubleshooting:

This is VERY BASIC. I am trying to customize the carousel on the main screen of my phone. Locally, not trying to access any web stuff or do anything that should require actual phone service.  I am simply attempting to add tiles to the carousel of my Samsung Reclaim (you know what that is if you have the same phone).  I do not have a data plan, and I am definitely within service range for the phone right now, though this doesn't seem it should be relevant.

It has let me delete tiles from the carousel, but now when I try to add any (there are plenty of spaces for tiles remaining), it shows me an pop-up message "Connecting..." (with the ellipsis blinking) for about ten seconds, while the EVDO data active icon flashes as though it is operating (connecting to what? I'm trying to make a local software change to my stupid phone?).. There is a "cancel" button under the "connecting" message.   After those ten seconds it changes to a message that says "Could not install the ___<insert whatever tile, eg Text Message or Call Logs>___ tile." with only an "OK" button underneath (no "retry" or anything like that).

I have double checked that my phone software is up to date, it is.  I have double checked that my phone hasn't gotten locked in some way. It is.  Bluetooth is off (why would that matter anyway? i doubt it but just covering my bases).. Location is on.  THE PHONE IS FRESH OUT OF THE BOX, brand new, haven't done anything weird to the settings other than deleted a few carousel tiles.

I've modified my carousel before on another Samsung reclaim of the same model and everything. Using the exact steps that I tried with this phone, which I will not detail right now unless someone asks me to, to see that i followed the steps correctly, but I assure you I did. I even double checked by referring to the tutorials online to see if i missed something. 

All I can think of is a software bug, but maybe it has to connect to some data network for some reason to do this, and for whatever reason that is not enabled anymore? Thing is we have never had a data plan on this phone and have always had any internet/data plan-type features disabled on this account.

If anyone has a fix for this, GREAT!

But mainly just wanted to know if anyone else had this problem, and if you ended up just exchanging the phone.   I think I'm going to just go into the sprint store tomorrow even though I don't really have time, and see if they'll replace the phone, but in case I don't make it, if anyone wants to help me out with this is any way i will be very thankful.




Re: SAMSUNG RECLAIM won't let me customize carousel tile or tiles. Please Help.

I have the same problem with my Samsung Restore after I updated the firmware last night. It sucks.  I think you do need a data plan. Either that or it can't be blocked like mine was(So I wouldn't accidentally change my bill from under $100 a month to over $1000 a month).

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