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SIII Freezing and Restarting


SIII Freezing and Restarting

Is anyone else having problems with their S III constantly freezing up on random screens and then refreshing/restarting itself. Most of the time after it gets stuck it says "preparing network at the top". It's starting to do this more and more throughout the day and its getting very annoying. One day it froze and when it refreshed itself and it completely changed my screensaver by itself. I'll probably take it in the store whenever I find time only for them to run their "test" and tell me it seems fine to them.


Hello and sorry to hear about the trouble with your GSIII.  The problems you are describing are typically related to some sort of software corruption.  It could be the last application you added or downloaded from the Google Play store.  Does the beginning of the problem coincide with a download from the Play Store?  If so, try removing or uninstalling this application.  Unfortunately, the GSIII has lots of available application memory and pretty fast processors, meaning, this is not the "norm" for this phone.  If it's not a poorly made application causing the trouble, we will have to factory reset the device to rule out software being the source of the trouble. 

Let us know, if you would like to explore the option to hard reset, we can help you decide which reset would be the best option as there are a few different ones to try. 

Tom Deaver

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