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Samsung A50 Dropping Calls


Samsung A50 Dropping Calls

I recently changed to a Samsung A50 from my LG G4 (which died). The A50 is systematically dropping calls at the rate of 5-10 per day and primarily at my residence. Samsung support had me reset and Sprint is playing dumb, but I did not have these issues with my LG G4. Anyone want to buy a like-new A50?


I hear ya jimmyjingo. I'd like to look into this for you. May I have a couple cross streets, and the zip? 


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If I was able to plant your solutions, please accept and/or kudos the resolution.

I am also dropping calls constantly about 3 mins into the calls they drop. No sound it just goes quiet. At least 10 a day it's very frustrating. I live on Riverside Drive by the river with 4  or 5 bars at all times however it doesn't matter where I am when they drop. 

Hi jsingleton72! Thank you for visiting us here in Community. I can definitely look into your area. May I ask when did you start experiencing this? Will you provide two cross streets and a zip code So that I can check the coverage? Also, what type of phone do you have?

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