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Samsung Ativ S


Samsung Ativ S

So the Samsung Ativ S (Galaxy S III with WP8) was announced as one of the two WP8 devices coming this Summer (May or June).

Are there any timetables for this device? When can I pre-order one? I've been waiting to upgrade from my HTC Arrive for over two years now.

Edit: Anybody from Sprint want to comment on this? HTC One and Galaxy S4 have been announced and released already while we sit here with only a vague announcement for this phone, and still no solid dates.


Re: Samsung Ativ S

I concur. It has now been over three months since the "announcement" and nary a peep since. My Arrive is on its last legs and Sprint did something bad to the network in Middle and East Tennessee where MMS doesn't work anymore from my device (can't send nor receive MMS).

Now that T-Mobile has unlimited data for ~$30 less*, there's no reason to stick with Sprint.

None at all.

*Provided you have your own GSM handset. .  and that's not too big a deal anyway

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