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Samsung Exclaim Blank Main Screen


Samsung Exclaim Blank Main Screen

so today at wrk when my phone was almost dead i took the battery out of it while the phone was still on becaouse my old phone with sprint would never turn off so i assumed this one didnt. when i put my battery back in and charged it up turning it back on the main screen is white with a gray box and all that i can see is the time the sound level coverage and the charging bar, i can make and receive calls i can send txt messages and receive them i jsut cant go anywhere like to any of the menus or any other options other than the bare basics, has anyone had this happen? i tryed turning it off taking the battery out putting it back in turning it back on nothing! i have been very nice to this phone and havent dropped it once its not even a week old yet! help!

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Re: Samsung Exclaim Blank Main Screen

I have the exact same problem. I just bought my phone yesterday. I turned it off and back on and wham, white screen with grey box. I dont understand the problem. Its BRAND NEW! I can get around to some things by clicking the side camera button and pushing the arrows to navigate to texting and such. Thats about all. Im taking it back to the store for an exchange.

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