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Samsung Exclaim Questions


Samsung Exclaim Questions


I had just gotten this new phone and I really like it.

First question...

When I slide open the keyboard, a small menu automatically open that shows


Text Message

Picture Mail




... I do not want this to appear.  How can I stop it?

Second question...

What is the accurate way to program a new phone?  When first activated this phone, I couldn't send/receive text message and tried to test call someone.  So, I called Sprint and was given step-by-step instruction to program it.  In one step, it asked to enter the MSID # and I was told to enter the phone #.  Is this correct?  Or should I actually enter the MSID #?

Third question...

At the top of the screen, where the symbols such as connection strength, time, and battery life.  There is a phone symbol with red diagonal line slashing thru it.  What is this?  How do I get rid of this?

Fourth question...

How can I download a Safari or Opera mini browser to this phone?

Fifth question...

Why doesn't this phone save text messages?  It doesn't show the messages that I had received.  What can I do?


Re: Samsung Exclaim Questions

Addition to the 5th question.

I've found these mysterious missing texts.  It appear that these phones add messages in chain to the original, meaning I have to click on the original message, to go thru the back-n-forth texts.  I don't like this.  I want each incoming text separate on their own.  I also want sent text in their own box.  It's all jumbled together and that's bad.


Re: Samsung Exclaim Questions

As far as I know, there's no way to prevent the message menu. The phone just figures you want to send a message if you open the keyboard before you get to a text field. If you are already on the web or something like that, it will not show this menu.

Phone's should program automatically if you reset the phone, the first thing it tries to do is auto-activate. You can manually activate the phone, but you normally need help to do this becuase it requires you to enter some codes you would not otherwise know. And yes, the MSID is often times the same as the phone number, but it is not always the same.

I belive the icon you are describing is ringer off. If that's the one it will disappear if you turn up the ringer. You can find a list of all the icons under menu > settings > phone information > icon glossary.

Not sure about Opera...

Usually people like threaded texting more because it allows you to delete an entire conversation at once and it less messy to look at if you're trying to find a text from a particular person. I don't know of anyway to disable threaded messaging.


Re: Samsung Exclaim Questions

Thanks Garrett.

I just came across something REALLY annoying!  I took a video and the file size is 900 something kb.  I tried to email it to my email address and tried to use the upload feature, but it just will not do it!  The file limit to send/upload is 512 kb.......

What can I do?


Re: Samsung Exclaim Questions

Yea, there are limits on picture mail and how long those videos can be.

If you put your video on your micro-SD card, you should be able to plug into a computer and drag & drop the file. It will probably be a .3gp file which you'll need quicktime to be able to view it. You may be able to find some conversion software on the web.

Another thing to try is configure a Photobucket account and see if it will let you upload it to that service.


Re: Samsung Exclaim Questions

How can I choose file format for the video?

I am having a hard time with sending pictures to an email.  My other phone, which is the X-tc with Virgin Mobile, I can send regular text and picture text without even involving the email portion.  I can't find picture text on this phone.  I can only find Picture Mail and Email.  Also, I have a contact in the address book having only an email address and the phone appear to think that I can only use Email to the contact, just because it has an email address without a phone number.  On the X-tc, I can use regular texting and picture texting toward an email address and it works the same as cell to cell text.

This is one hella confusing phone!

One more thing, why does it take so long to send a Picture Mail according to the phone?  When I send a picture, there a screen that says PLEASE WAIT... Your message is being sent.  Okay, so I check my email and I see that it has already been delivered, but the message is still on the phone's screen.... What's up with that?

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Another edit...

When I go to Personalize Carousel, I can not get a tile for Photos or Albums, so I tried the Shortcut tile to hopefully take me quickly to there, but no luck there since I can only save a specific picture as shortcut rather than taking me to the Albums on the memory card.  Suggestion?

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Re: Samsung Exclaim Questions

Picture mail is the same as picture text, that's just what Sprint calls it.

You can either access through the album, or if you are texting a contact you should see "Add attachment" under the name which will allow you to add the picture.

You can still send a text message to an email address, but it will default to a phone number if that is there.

If you are in the contacts screen, find the contact, hit options > send message to send a text.

You can do the same from messaging.. open keyboard > message > go to contacts > find the person/highlight the email address.

I'm not sure why it's taking a long time to send...maybe if you're in a poor coverage area or something....

Add shortcut > menu item > photos & videos > scroll to my photos & videos & hit assign (left soft key.)

If your carousel is not full (15 tiles max) you should be able to add the photos & videos tile (under web & communities) which will give you access to all the photo menu items from the carousel.


Re: Samsung Exclaim Questions

Garrett, I will look into that.

It does send quickly.  It is just that the screen doesn't remove that message after it is sent.  The continue button (bottom left) does appear and I just click on that to move on.

Why is it when I send a Picture mail/text to someone, that it also send to My Pictures on Sprint?

Are you familiar with ScribbleLIVE?

Each time an edition of ScribbleLIVE is created, an email address is created for that edition.  That email address is used for people to send an email or text to the address to make a post.

The X-tc, when I send a picture text to the address, it post the picture right there for the community to view.  Litterally, the picture appear right there.  Now, with this Exclaim, when I send a picture mail to the address, a picture does not appear on the post.  What it does is saying there is a new picture mail with a link to Sprint for the picture.  Why is Sprint doing this?  I'm not uploading to Sprint and am not intending to upload to Sprint.  I intend to have the picture displayed directly where I tell it to go.

What can I do?


Re: Samsung Exclaim Questions

I see what you're saying. No I'm not famliar with ScribbleLIVE, but I have a feeling what you're running into is that Sprint has implemented MMS in a different way than most carriers. The photo is first sent to the picture mail server, and then an email is sent with a link back to that picture.

I'm not sure which phones do not use the picture mail server. I think the BlackBerrys don't use it, but other than that I'm not sure.


Re: Samsung Exclaim Questions

I added the Shortcut tile and listed Camera, Camcorder, and My Albums.  There was no such tile for Albums or what you suggested for a tile under Web & Communities.  I think the Shortcut tile will work.

Are you familiar what sites this phone will work with to get free wallpapers?  I came across one, but when I had it sent to the phone as attachment, I received the text, but no attachment.  Then I tried having it to send as link, I received the text with link, and then went to the link, but no option on the phone to save the graphic.

I also noticed that my spending chart increased $30 and I have no idea why. >_<


Re: Samsung Exclaim Questions

When my phone is charging, it gets hot.  One time, it was saying Error: Bad Battery Temp.

So.... Is this a bad battery or is it the phone?  Is there a risk that this will explode?


Re: Samsung Exclaim Questions

I dunno what kind of a sick joke Sprint and/or Samsung is playing on us, but seriously, this is stupid to restrict sending and uploading video files to only 512kb.  C'mon, this is totally pathetic!    And the limit to send a video for email attachment is 9,000 kb or bytes.

Anyone on here know of a hack or something to get rid of this stupid restriction?

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