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Samsung Exclaim Questions


Re: Samsung Exclaim Questions

Some people seem to have problems with everything.If all else fails,read the instructions.Use the phone as it is intended & it will be work fine.


Re: Samsung Exclaim Questions

lol dee. I tend to agree with you.

The Bad Battery Temp message comes from using the phone while it is trying to charge. Just unplug the charger fron the phone then replug it, set the phone down and walk away.

You dont want to send picture mail to your ScribbleLive, you want to "upload to service". You can automatically upload pictures and videos (no 512 kb restriction) to the services listed under this option, it will post directly to that service, no link. (Im not going to give you a step by step on how to do this, read your instruction manual).

Its funny how people read all these neat NEW features their phone has they have never used before, then attempt to use them without reading the instruction manual...and Sprint actually includes a manual with every phone.

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